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What is Master Coria URL Shortener?

Is an URL shortener that allows you to do long URL (and that they're so difficult to remember), in URLs much more shorter and easy to remember.

History of Master Coria URL Shortener

Because of the need to short links to our blog app (The Blog of Master Coria), we've created a platform that allows us to do so.

The project started in november 2015, when we started to work with YOURLS, who apported the majority of the functionalities of the platform; that's why this app (in theory) belongs them.

The construction of the URL shortener finished on the last days of december 2015, and in that month, we launched to the public, giving the platform the name of "Master Coria URL Shortener".

Nowadays, with approximately years online, we continue to improve the uses and functionalities, to benefit us as well as our users.

Help for the URL shortener

If for any reason you cannot access your final URL, or if you believe that it violates our legal policies, please, we ask you to send us a report of this short URL. You can do it by clicking on "Report this". Similarly, if you have any questions, you can visit the support center.


If you are a programmer and you are looking for a link shortener for your application, you can use our API to shorten your URLs automatically and get the short link for them. Keep in mind that at all times you must follow our policies and not misuse the API, because if we see an inappropriate use, we will block the requests.

Learn everything you need to know to start using the API endpoint in the developer documentarion.

Short your links with Master Coria

Click on the image to short your links. Please, before that, read and accept the legal part.